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F16 Flight Simulator: (1992-2007)


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I got the idea to build a full-scale flight simulator cockpit while visiting the Simulation and Training conference in Florida in early 1991. After some research I settled on the General Dynamics F-16, due to its small footprint and the availability of scale models.


I purchased a 1/12th scale cockpit and a 1/48th scale aircraft models from which I developed the plans for all of the assembly parts, including the instruments, head-up display, ejection seat and rails. The simulator was designed so it could taken apart to fit through a regular 30 door, and be easily transported.


Construction took about 500-600 hours. All the components were fabricated from wood, light aluminium, and plastic. The simulator has been acquired by the North Bay Museum, and is destined to be an interactive display for kids of all ages.




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