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Proposal Support

Maxwell J. Toms has considerable experience with proposal development, including authoring of SOWs for work and recruitment, for numerous of products and services, for a number of government, municipal, industrial and commercial clients.  As required, Mr. Toms produces technical-reviews, planning, NRE/RE estimates, and other supporting documentation, for diverse fields such as Communications Systems, Broadband Networks, Information Management Systems and Consulting Services.  The latest task, for the Canadian Coast Guard, involved the development of SOWs for two senior positions for their FAIS project, including evaluation criteria, formats and interview questions.

Other major proposals include:

        Network Implementation Project Management bid to CEONet, (2003), successful.

        IC BRAND Business Plan for the Muskoka Lakes Community Network, for the local Chamber of Commerce, Township of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario (2003) unsuccessful, the scope of the project was too large to meet the requirements for Industry Canada’s pilot project program.

        IC BRAND Business Plan for the extension of the SDCN, for EDC, South Dundas, (2003) successful

        Network Planning and Implementation bid to the Township of South Dundas, (2003) successful

        IV&V bid for the Military Automated Air Traffic (control) System (MAATS), Proposal Manager.

        The RCMP National Operations Centre Bid a pre-qualification bid for a major integrated command and control system, including coast-to-cost audio, video, graphics and tele-conferencing, for the national police force. (1993)

        The NSA/NSH Facilities Pre-Design Study Proposal, a preliminary facilities design and site investigation for EH-101 helicopters, maintenance and training facilities. (1992)

        The Automated Maintenance Support System Proposal, a major integrated test and data handling system, including diagnostics, for the NSA Program. (1990) successful.

        The Passive Aided Vision System (PAVS) utilizing the Hughes Aircraft Co. AN/AAQ‑16 FLIR System for the NSA Program. (1988)

        The Low Angle Tracking Radar, a research program of DND DREO/CRC. (1987)

        An optical bus intercom system for the ADMICS Program, to be used on the CP-140 patrol aircraft. (1987)

        A receiver/exciter assembly proposal, for the TAS Program, part of a Hughes Aircraft Co. naval radar system. (1986)

        A RF output amplifier assembly for the RAMP Program, part a Raytheon Canada ATC (phased array) Radar System. (1986)

        Recording Studio Funding Proposal. Promoted and developed a proposal for government approval for funding for Newfoundland's first Multi-track Professional Sound Recording Studio. Developed the justification from data obtained from a current Newfoundland Government study, resulting in a successful presentation. Completed a equipment vendor search which resulted in an affordable technical definition.  (1975)



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