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Research and Presentations


Broadband Papers:

Mr. Toms has produced and collaborated on numerous papers and design concepts dealing with rural broadband topics including needs assessment, design approaches and sustainability, that have been used for marketing and promotion purposes with both levels of government, municipalities and institutions. Examples Include:

        Rural Broadband Networks and Economic Development: The South Dundas Story, presented at the IASTED WNET 2004, Banff, July 2004,

        Rural Broadband Networks: The South Dundas Experience, presented at Ottawa Smart City Conference, April 2004 (very similar to above)

        Building Sustainable Rural Broadband Networks: The South Dundas Story, presented at the IEEE ISSLS Conference, Scotland, March 2004 (very similar to above)

        Implementing Rural Broadband Networks, presented to various municipal and non-governmental organizations for the purposes of promoting an understanding of the issues surrounding broadband internet connectivity, 2002,


Papers, Studies and Reports:

Mr. Toms has produced and collaborated on numerous studies and technical investigations dealing with project definition, automatic test and logistics support. Examples Include:

        CAATS Most Effective Organization, an investigation of options for Life-Cycle support of Transport Canada's new ATC system, including buy/lease and commercialization.

        hp3065 Board Tester Replacement, an investigation of options for replacement of an obsolete test system for TC/CRF, a major element of RAMP Level 3 Life-Cycle support.

        LLAD ATE Procurement, a series of ATE studies for PMO LLAD involving logistics modeling, engineering and maintenance assessment, and project definition.

        ATE Project Management Paper. A brief detailing management approach used, and the results from, the I6 K-Band ATE Project, which was circulated in Spar. (1989)

        AI Expert System Paper. Developed a report detailing an expert system and use for ATE, which was circulated in Spar and to other interested parties. (1988)

        ATE Paper. "Test Engineering Design, An Integrated Approach", detailing Test Hardware and Software concepts, circulated in Spar and to other parties. (1987)

        Quality Assurance Brief. Developed and presented an in-house seminar on QA/QC requirements to test engineering staff of SPAR Aerospace Ltd. (1985)

        R & O Policy. Developed a Repair and Overhaul Policy document in response to an emergency customer request. (1985)


It should be noted that Mr. Toms authored dozens of technical analysis and study reports and other contract deliverable documents over the last 18 years. Some recent examples include:

        CCG Tower Marking & Lighting Standard, (2007)

        CCG AIS on Buoys Study Report, (2006)

        CCG NF Buoy Study Report, (2006)

        CCG DGPS-AIS Eval & Test Report, (2005)

        CCG DGPS Reliability Test Report, (2005)

        CCG VHF Radio Study Presentation, (2005)

        CCG VHF Radio Study Report, (2004)

        CCG Autopilot RFP Document, (2004)



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