Maxwell J. Toms                                                                                                      

49 Julian Street, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, K7C 3W7   (613) 257-7290


Operations Support

For over thirty years, Maxwell J. Toms has performed operations and production support functions for a number of deployed systems, including Military Equipment, Communications Systems, Broadband Networks and Information Management systems. He has provided support for a number of municipal and industrial clients, from major government projects, including the production of components for space, to lecturing Transport Canada engineers at their Training Institute.


Production Support: Completed or assisted with the production and test, including qualification, environmental tests, special tests, acceptance tests, and data and fault analysis, and technical assistance to production, of the following:

        The CH-139 Audio Isolation CCA Program, 20 units. (1988)

        The ADATS Program, 45 units. Technical Consultant. (1987)

        The AN/SPS‑10/12 Spares Program. Technical Consultant. (1984)

        The BrazilSat Program, 50+ TWTAs. Team Leader. (1983)

        The AN/SPS‑10/12 Program, 30 radar receivers. Team leader. (1981‑1982)

        The ANIK D Program, 50+ TWTAs. (1980-81)


Off-Site Missions.  Completed or assisted with the following off-site missions:

        South Dundas Community Network Operations, South Dundas (2001- 2004)

        Brister Group Broadband Wireless WAN Operations, Morrisburg (2001- 2004)

        South Dundas Networks ISP Operation, Morrisburg (2001-2004)

        South Dundas Community Network, Morrisburg (2000-2003)

        Steiner Enterprises, TEAMS Software, Installation & Update, Lafayette (2000-2001)

        Brister Group Broadband Wireless WAN Upgrade, South Dundas (1999-2000)

        Lanark County Broadband Wireless Network Extension, Perth, (1999)

        ENSYN TRS Software, Installation & Update, Ottawa (1999)

        CCG - GPS Y2K and year roll-over Testing, Calgary (1999)

        Promaxis TCS Software, Installation & Update, Ottawa (1998)

        CCG Broadband Wireless Utility Investigation, Jetty-Cable replacement, Carleton Place (1998)

        AXYN Project Management RDBMS, Installation & Update, Ottawa (1998)

        NIU Project Review, Halifax (1998)

        The AN/SPS-12 Receiver leakage investigation, HMCS Ottawa, (1988)

        The SPSDS Sea Trials, for the modified platform, on the DND/DREA research ship CFAV Quest. Mission Conductor. (1987)

        the AN/SPS‑10/12 Radar Receiver Program. Installation and technology transfer briefs, at RMT Fleet School, CFB Halifax. (1982)

        the NRC Space Science Program, including planning, site preparation and execution of a number of rocket and balloon missions at remote sites. (1978-1980)



        TC Engineering Course: Mr. Toms updated courseware and taught a one-day seminar on co-location of electronic and radio frequency equipment to Transport Canada engineers at the Training Institute at Cornwall, Ontario, with an "excellent" rating from the students. (1993)

        ATE Working Group. Was a member and major contributor to the Spar, Corporate sponsored, ATE Committee, as well as serving on the Innovation committee. (1986‑1989)



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